Mia Gerbino


Design & branding for packaging, promotions and people are my forte.

Starbucks Global Creative Studio, Seattle.

Starbucks Global Creative Studio, Seattle.

Ciao, my name is Mia. I am a graphic designer, based in beautiful Seattle.
And this is my methodology:

I am an inspiration-seeker. My eyes are open to the world around me. I find inspiration everywhere—in art, fashion, nature, travel, friends, family—and I always strive to stay engaged with current design and lifestyle trends.

I am a dedicated team player. I truly love to collaborate! Working in a team is one of the most rewarding parts of the design process, and it is absolutely essential to creating the most well-rounded work.

I am a dreamer. For me it's all about the big idea. There must be a compelling story to tell. My creative approach is thoughtful, and my philosophy is a bit idealistic (a fun combination). I look at any project with a holistic lens, in constant pursuit of design with purpose.